Pauline Oostenrijk

“Reed waving in the wind”

FANTASIA! Dialogue for One – Fantasias by G.P. Telemann

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Photographs by Dennis Herman

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The Wind Among the Reeds

He heard while he sang and dreamed

A piper piping away,

And never was piping so sad,

And never was piping so gay.”

                          William Butler Yeats

Welcome to my website. After a flying start as an oboist at a very young age I have, during 30 years, been so lucky to be able to realize all the things I dreamed of as a child. Lately, still enjoying playing my concerts, I have been extending my activities in the direction of teaching as well as writing and composing.

The image of reed, waving in the wind, symbolizes the different ways I like to express myself: not only the oboe’s mouthpiece is made from reed, in ancient times reed was also used for writing.


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A small selection

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